Importance Of Local SEO For A Small Business In Toronto | 2016

Local SEO is one of the most cost effective online marketing approaches that a Toronto based small business can leverage to improve its online presence within the local community. This strategic marketing approach is effective in helping prospective customers find information about local goods and services. Furthermore, local optimization can help a local business drive these potential customers to its brick and mortar locations where consumers can find what they are looking for. As search engines continue to become more focused on proximity searches and locally targeted content, the true value of localized SEO is growing.

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What Is The Definition Of SEO And How Is SEO Done In 2016?

The world is connected like never before. An average of 40,000 search queries are entered into Google every second. That’s 3.5 billion searches per day and of those a total of 2.6 billion are local searches.

2016 | What is the definition of SEO? 

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and by definition, SEO is the series of strategic approaches and practices that are implemented to organically generate a high rank position in the search engine page results of internet search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The objective of a higher ranking in the SERPs is to increase quality […] Read more

2016 | What Is SEM?

What is SEM?  

SEM is an acronym for the phrase “Search Engine Marketing”. Also known as “paid search,” it’s the strategic process of purchasing ads on search engines like Google to drive highly targeted traffic to a specific website or online digital property.

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What does paid search look like in 2016?

As of 2014 almost half of all digital marketing spend was allocated to digital search with 31% being spent on paid search. In the same year it was projected that there would be a growth of 16% per year in total online advertising spend. […] Read more

2016 | What Is SEO?

What Is SEO?

All business owners and marketing professionals operating a business, blog, or website have probably heard of the the term “SEO”. Some recognize it’s importance or may have even been advised that their website should be implementing a monthly SEO program in their marketing strategy – however what is SEO and what does SEO mean in 2016?

SEO Terms You Need to Know

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SERP: Search Engine Rankings Page
Organic: Unpaid placement in the SERPs, also called ‘earned’ or ‘natural’
KPI: Key Performance Indicator

SEO Defined

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the content and structure of a web page, website or digital […] Read more