Video SEO: 7 Tips For Ranking Videos On Youtube And Google In 2016

Video SEO is a variant of search engine optimization (SEO), which can be implemented to optimize videos created by a business so that they receive a high ranking on Google or Youtube’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the key facets of an SEO strategy is that a business publishes online content that is relevant to its target audience, or current customers. This content should be unique, informative and entertaining. When consumers engage with this content, they are building a relationship with the business, while being informed of the products, services or solutions that the business offers.

Video, along with blogs, […] Read more

10 SEO Strategies That Can Help To Outrank Competitors On Google

When consumers use Google to search for products, services and information, they expect to be presented with the most relevant and valuable content.

Large and small companies alike leverage search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase their visibility online and reach these consumers.

Here are 10 SEO strategies that a business can implement to outrank the competition.



Develop a content strategy.

Consistently publishing relevant content online is an effective approach that businesses can implement to attract organic website traffic. Some of the most prominent forms of content in 2016 are blogs, videos, whitepapers, ebooks and infographics. However, to achieve success, it is advantageous […] Read more

Local SEO And Google AdWords Management Help To Level The Playing Field For Small Businesses In Toronto

Small businesses are often challenged with modest marketing budgets. Traditional forms of marketing and advertising, like print ads, radio, television, signage and flyers are still relevant and effective depending on the market segment. However, the drawback is that conventional forms of promotional material can be expensive for the budget-conscious small business in Toronto. Fortunately, the internet has transformed the way consumers discover and communicate with local businesses online.

How a small business navigates these radical times can impact the speed of their growth and prosperity. When online marketing is executed in the right way, it can equalize the playing field. This […] Read more