DSM At The Search Engine Strategies Conference

DSM At The Search Engine Strategies Conference

DSM@ the SES Conference Discussing Digital Marketing and Web Analytics 

Our team is excited to announce that Aaron Levenstadt is speaking at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Toronto. He addresses digital marketing and explains analytics.  SES is the leading global event series about search and social marketing.

Focusing on tactics and best practices, SES events bring together thought leaders and industry experts. SES takes place all over the world. From Toronto to London, and from San Francisco to Singapore.

The industry’s top digital marketing professionals, business leaders, and brand advertisers lead the conference. Additionally, the conference offers insight and new ideas for SEO, SEM, web analytics, and social media.

On behalf of our company, look forward to teaching, learning, and bringing that expertise back to our clients. We are thrilled to be participating as an official speaker.  Please drop us a line if you’ll be in attendance. We always look forward to connecting.

Aaron will be speaking about conversion optimization, specifically discussing:

  • Alignment and strategy. Discover how linking conversion optimization with your company’s business strategy is fundamental for profit and growth.
  • Process and organization. Learn where the conversion optimization team should exist within your company, who should be leading, and who should be contributing. As well, learn about web publishing, and what steps to take to set it up. Directed at larger companies, Aaron will draw upon why it is crucial to understand who should be doing what in regards to analytics, web optimization, IT, etc.
  • Tactical execution. Learn the best practices of optimal conversion strategies, such as A/B and multivariate testing, what and where to test, and the results in business-to-business scenarios.