Helping Professional Service Providers Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy

Helping Professional Service Providers Develop A Digital Marketing Strategy

The importance of the online world continues to grow. As a result, developing a sound digital marketing strategy and online positioning plan is now vital.  With over 210 million searches being conducted on Google every hour, ranking for queries relevant to your business is critical. As a professional service provider, ranking high on Google is important for two key reasons: making your business more discoverable and more credible.

When working with professional service providers such as Lawyers, Dentists or Optometrists, DSM has helped these professionals better leverage the Internet to grow their practices by strategizing and executing tailored digital marketing programs.

Why Is Search Important For Professional Service Providers?

DSM’s work with professional service providers has allowed us to identify key avenues and benefits for their services. Below are three key reasons why developing a Digital Marketing strategy is crucial:

1) Practice Growth

DSM’s work has helped grow various practices through digital channels. Often, when DSM is first approached by clients they are not ranking for relevant keywords and want to leverage Google to acquire new clients. DSM would then perform a comprehensive analysis & SEO audit of the client’s website, conducting necessary keyword research and implementing essential internet strategies

2) Establishes yourself as a credible and authoritative expert

When searching relevant keywords in your field, users identify the top results as the most credible. In doing so, it is crucial to leverage your Digital Marketing strategy to ensure you are ranking in the top three for terms relevant to your practice or clinic. Getting your website ranking for relevant queries makes you seen as a credible expert.

3) Recruiting

As young professionals graduate from top programs, they often use Google as a tool to establish which clinic is best for them to work at. As a result, ranking high for relevant terms is also beneficial for employee acquisition.

Which Digital Services Are the Best to Leverage

Local SEO

For businesses looking to focus on a geographical area, implementing Local SEO is imperative. Local SEO allows prospective customers to find information about service providers near them. Local SEO strategy must be implemented to avoid missing out on customers who are in the purchase phase. Searchers seeking your professional service will be more inclined to click on a result that Google identifies as nearby. Establishing Local SEO has been vital in growing the practices of professional service providers. Without local SEO your business is missing out on potential clients looking for you when they are searching.

Mobile SEO: Receiving Calls From Search Results

As mobile usage continues to grow, there has been a shift in search queries. Today, more searches happen on mobile phones than any other device. In 2015, 69% of Canadians, regularly research on their devices. As a result, establishing a mobile search strategy is imperative for service providers looking to acquire new clients. When searching for a service provider, 61% of users call immediately after finding a top result. Call conversions are crucial for these businesses as they convert into an appointment at a 50% rate.

DSM has a proven track record for creating innovative SEO strategies for professional service providers. For a complimentary assessment contact us today.